Worksheets and How To Add/Subtract in Scientific Notation

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Here is a simple way to add (or subtract) two numbers in scientific notation:

  1. Reformat one or both numbers so they have the same exponent.
  2. Isolate the two coefficients from the power-of-ten expression.
  3. Resolve the addition or subtraction of the two coefficients.
  4. Multiply the sum or quotient by the power-of-ten.
  5. Reformat the result so it has only one non-zero digit to the left of the decimal point.
Example 1: Add large numbers in superscript format 1.50x103 + 2.95x104
= 1.50x103 + 29.5x103
= (1.50 + 29.5) x 103
= 31x103
= 3.1x104
Example 2: Subtract small numbers in E format 1.23E-2 - 4.56E-3
= 1.23E-2 - 0.456E-2
= (1.23 - 0.456)E-2
= 0.774E-2
= 7.74E-3

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Change exercise type / format:

Addition / Subtraction:
Add numbers in scientific notation
Subtract numbers in scientific notation

Range of Numbers:
Large numbers (with positive exponents)
Small numbers (with negative exponents)
Include negative numbers

Equation layout:
1.23 x 102 x 6.78 x 103 = ____
1.2345 x 102
x 6.7890 x 103

Change worksheet format:

total equations in columns

Centered Title:

Left Subtitle:

Right Subtitle:

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